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I live my life in widening circles...


The Mind. The Heart. The Spirit.

Development over Growth

Love over Achievement

Presence over Efficiency

Empowerment over Evaluation

Creating over Criticizing

Wonderings over Conclusions

Wisdom over Knowledge

The Holistic.

Experiential and Theoretical

Emotional and Intellectual

Effective and Efficient

Freedom and Responsibility

Individual and Collective

Being and Doing



I run a social intelligence agency. Social Intelligence combines the fields of systems thinking, social engineering, phenomenology, and general semantics to create more effective human social systems.


My areas of expertise...

  • Social systems - structural mechanisms that lead to their improvement over time or devolvement into dysfunction
  • Understanding peoples' values, motivations, biases, and triggers, often before they recognize these in themselves
  • Digging for truths beyond the noise of big data, media spin, and whatever "scientists" say
  • Deconstructing complex systems and predicting likely macro trends



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